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Dennis Fritz is a German-American cinematographer, independent filmmaker and photographer.

Influenced and affected by the films of his great uncle, an American cinematographer who worked during the golden age of Hollywood, Dennis began to capture images of nearly everything around him using his first photo camera at age seven. After attending a filmmaking class in high school, he won his first youth film award at age eleven. One of the reasons why he started his professional career in the TV and film industry as a video editor in 1999. Following his family's tradition, he began to learn the craft first-hand on film sets and furthered his education in traditional cinematography and the art of visual storytelling through motion pictures.

Over the past few years, Dennis has shot a variety of narrative short films, music videos, commercials, corporate films and documentaries. He has been fortunate enough to work with inspiring people worldwide and expand his professional experiences in Los Angeles, California, the world’s capital of the motion picture industry.

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