Dennis L. Sørensen

Denmark, Esbjerg

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A freetime movie maker and photographer. Looking for exciting projects to either make or help come true.

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  1. Yeah i have heard that before. Well.. now there's a Mark II version out of it: I hope it's better! :)
  2. Looks nice! Thumps up! Who do you like the Wieldy? and the vest?
  3. I got the very same Jib trough and have found the same weeknesses and strengths as you have. Nice to know i'm not alone with these problems. I don't know if the Carbon version is better. But have i known all these things before buying…
  4. Nice job! I bet the FS700 has a lot to say, but i also bet your grading skills have a lot to say because it looks awesome! How do you find the Stabilizer vs the stabilizer + west + arm? Does the west and arm really do any thing to this low price…
  5. Looks nice, but a bit too much shakyness to my test. How do you find the Wieldy? Have you tried without the west and compared it with the west?