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"I have found Depotax on the beach, face in hands, apparently lost... Listening to his meta-language, i came to understand that he had discovered many new truths about our world that his entire philosophy had fundamentally changed : "Love, as Man can understand it, would no longer suffice... The urgency of addressing his involvement in the 'counter-revolution' was necessary to free ourselves from the System. It was knocking at all Doors of perception ... Any human deafness on this point was to be banished. Because indignation is not enough to condescend to seeing in wich bush the rabbit was hiding, nor would anonymity hit the nail right on the head... " I didn't understand everything, but the glow from his eyes readily convinced me of my own feelings. Then I woke up, wide-eyed, an incredible greatness in the pit of my stomach, playing a recurrent loop in my mind, reemerging from the bottom of my asleep curiosity, that slogan we were trying not to let ourselves forget: "Nothing is more powerful that an idea whose time has come. "" Jozé - Carcasonnes (FR).

Depotax, vacant counter-druid of the time-left-to-urgency, crossed through this uneasy awakening and met himself reborn of a new consciousness, to a new point of no-return. A primal calling far beyond the wallpaper horizons. The title of the forthcoming album, 'Increasalys', evokes this acceleration of opening rate. 'One gets curious as he gets educated', says Jean-Jacques ... he's no fool, Jean-Jacques ...

This appeal for funding is an invitation to indulge your curiosity of content : to put cash to join the clash against the ambient nothingness obstructing any birth of infinite Possible Futures ... If Depotax has taken the time to sit down, it is because it is only in a state of siege that we look to join the standing!

(Don Quishoote,
reporter of the fervour's pancake that depotes axis)

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