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Management Agency & Label representing Audio & Visual Artists.

Roster: ThermalBear / Killawatt / Jon Gurd / Tryll / Oliver Jennings / Cherry Kino / Joelle

We support visual artists inc coders, mappers, animators & graphic designers pitching them
shoulder to shoulder with their acoustically driven colleagues including producers, sound engineers, artists and bands.

Audio Services: Production, Remixes, Installations, Sound Design, Engineering, Film Scores, Festivals, Events, Live Performance

Visual Services: Installations, Commissions, Short Films, Music Videos, Tour Visuals, Exhibitions, Festivals, R&D Projects


Recent commissions: Field Maneuvers, Last Night On Earth, L.I.E.S Records, Future Classic, RHS Chelsea Flower Show, MiRA Festival, Osiris, Lapalux, Simon Baker, Mixmag Lab Series, Seekae, Mia Dora, Ron Morelli, Tilt, Selective Hearing.

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