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Istanbul, Turkey

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Derin Kivaner was born in Istanbul 21st of January, 1989. After finishing primary school in Istanbul, she moved to Houston, Texas. During her middle and high school years, she got the opportunity to improve herself in many areas of art. She got Creative writing, Art, Singing, Theatre and Dance education and took part in two musicals in Houston. She finished high school in Istanbul, Kabatas Erkek Lisesi and wrote her first script, "I Have Never Blamed Ayten" Meanwhile she continues to take Drama, Voice, Jazz, Dance, and Piano lessons. After graduating from high school, she attended Bahcesehir University, Film and Television department with a scholarship. She joined the university's theatre club and took part in the award wining musical 'Buzlar Cozulmeden" and “Agir Roman”
She trained writing, drama, voice, jazz, dance, piano and drawing .


2009 - She got a support award from TURSAK with her script Boy Meets Girl ,
2009 - She won the second prize with her short film NYMPHA from 7.Metro Group Film Contest.
2009 – “Boy Meets Girl” Finalist of Koc University 2nd. Short Film Festival
2010 - She won Juri best film award with her documentary “Grandpa Aziz” from Rotaract 3rd short film festival,
2010 - “Grandpa Aziz” Finalist of 17.Adana Golden Ball Film Festival.
2010 - She got a support award from TURSAK with her script “I Love Me”
2010- “Granpa Aziz” Finalist of 22nd Istanbul International Film Festival.
2010- “I Love Me” Finalist ISFVF9 The 9th International Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy
2010 “I Love Me” and “Granpa Aziz” finalist of Boston Film Festival
2010 She won mansion prize with her short film “I Love Me” short film from 8.Metro Group Film Contest.

2008 Oh How Can I forget That Smile
2009 Boy Meets Girl
2009 Nympha
2010 Grandpa Aziz
2010 Boy Falls In Love With Girl
2010 I Love Me
2011 Lighter
2011 Now and Then
2011 A Romantic Dinner

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