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Rejuvé 3 Hair & Scalp System is the world’s finest chemical-free hair treatment.

Designed to keep hair healthy and safe from all heat applications, this effective 3 step system works to maintain your hair’s natural structure and actually accomplishes what chemicals only promise “to do”.

Trusted by top hair professionals for over 40 years, the natural ingredients of the renewing scalp cleanser, repairing shampoo and revitalizing oil-based conditioner are thermally activated, preventing your hair from reverting. Whether you hair has been twisted, permed, pressed, relaxed or braided, Rejuvé 3 will help maintain your hair style between shampooings.

Rejuvé3’s proven cleansing and maintenance system is a breath-taking alternative to perms, harsh chemicals, and the damaging effects on your hair and scalp. Regardless of hair type, your scalp and hair become healthier, promoting hair growth.

With Rejuvé3, changing from twists, braids, new growth, or coming out of weaves can now be accomplished hassle-free. No more cutting-off hair or using harsh chemicals!

Benefits Rejuvé3 clients enjoy…
• Healthy scalp and hair
• Easy to comb-through/manage wet hair
• Enables hair to tolerate heat and styling without breakage or damage
(ie. flat-ironing, curling, thermal pressing)
• Hair that does not revert back in humid/rainy weather
• Achieve any style desired: Bone-straight one day, body and curls the next
• Safe for any hair type or age group

Rejuvé3 - Get the healthy, smooth, voluminous hair you deserve…chemical-free!

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