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  1. 17:43

    Christian Louboutin

    by Design Museum

    6 Videos

    Films to coincide with the Christian Louboutin retrospective at the Design Museum. 1 May - 9 July 2012

  2. 16:51

    Designers in Residence 2012

    by Design Museum

    4 Videos

  3. 12:58

    Designers in Residence 2014

    by Design Museum

    7 Videos

    Watch the filmed interviews with the designers where they discuss disruption and their work in the lead-up to the show. #DesignersinResidence Broadcast…

  4. 05:26:05

    Design Icons Lectures 2008

    by Design Museum

    6 Videos

    Six part lecture series at The Design Museum and Harrods in 2008.

  5. 01:45:47

    Design Museum Kensington

    by Design Museum

    46 Videos

    Timelapse footage from on site at the building of the new Design Museum. Find out more about the project on Tumblr: #DesignMuseumKensington

  6. 27:42

    Design Overtime Events

    by Design Museum

    10 Videos

    Late openings at the Design Museum.

  7. 07:31

    Designs of the Year 2012

    by Design Museum

    9 Videos

    Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s annual exploration of the most innovative, interesting and forward-looking work in design of all kinds, from around the world. Visit the exhibition…

  8. 06:17

    Designs of the Year 2015

    by Design Museum

    5 Videos

    Now in its eighth year, Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year. Someday the other museums…

  9. 38:09

    Design Ventura and Virtual Ventura

    by Design Museum

    13 Videos

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