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The mission of Design Onscreen is to document and disseminate in some form of “film media” the work of significant designers and contemporary issues in design aligned with the following criteria:
* Designers and thematic subjects are associated with one or more of the following fields: architecture, industrial design or graphic design.
* Programming primarily focuses on the work of individual designers and/or contemporary issues from the Post-World War II period.
* In general, the work of a designer and/or a documentary’s thematic subject matter has not been the subject of a previous documentary; however, documentaries bringing a new perspective to a designer’s previously examined work or to broader themes in design, culture and society would also be appropriate.
* Primary focus for programming on individual designers is on those who are still living to allow for first-hand documentation of their work.
* Design Onscreen’s architecture programming focuses primarily on important undocumented regional architects, other architects who have not received significant attention to-date, and contemporary issues in architecture.
Design Onscreen supports only the highest quality programming utilizing the best and most creative minds in film production.

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