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Greece 2022
11 Graphic Design Studios create
a diff erent future.

Design Walk, the original biennial festival dedicated to contemporary visual communication and Greek graphic design, is back on the 3, 4 and 5
February 2012 with its famous stroll around the historic center of Athens.
11 Graphic Design Studios open their doors to the public, moving away
from the negative thinking of today and presenting their own creative and
subversive proposals for Greece in 2022.
What kind of country do we want Greece to be in ten years from now?
Will the characteristics of the Greek identity be aff ected by the monetary
crisis? How will we perceive Greece in 2022 and how will we be perceived
by our friends, allies, observers and competitors abroad? How we
can infl uence the way others see us? Within the narrative context “Greece
2022” the design studios will create their own version of our future. During Design Walk 2012, nothing will be le undisclosed. The designers will
confront the present, suggesting a diff erent future, ambitious, intelligent, optimistic, extroverted and humorous. “We need this now, more than ever.
The issue is purely existential. We cannot create a diff erent future without having imagined it first”.

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