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Hello, my name is Todd, and I have an idea.

The idea came to me last fall when I was driving around in the country with a good friend of mine. We were talking about general life stuff. I remember looking at the road and the countryside. Then, it came to me. What if I organized a motorcycle ride? One that involves my riding around the country promoting causes that I feel strongly about. Which includes Familial Adenomatous Polyposis(FAP)(A hereditary disease that has a 100% chance of turning to colon cancer if left untreated. My father died from it when he was 32, I was 12, and my family and I have it.), cancer, MS (which my sister was diagnosed with a couple years ago), Native American issues (my dad was born and raised on an Indian reservation) and of course, rivers. I have very much been into motorcycles since I got my first motorcycle, a Ducati Monster, back in 2001. She had given me 50,000+ miles of joy. I have been searching for Multistrada for this ride and generating the funds to purchase it. I have been searching for Multistrada for this ride and generating the funds to purchase it. I have designed graphics for it, which can be seen on the Bike X page on my website.

This idea was inspired by a video series I had been watching, Long Way Round, which was created by Ewan McGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman. In the program, they wanted to ride motorcycles around the world. Along the way, they also supported UNICEF and other causes. BMW and many equipment companies backed their effort. They also did a follow up program called Long Way Down, in which they rode from London to the southern tip of Africa.

So, I had the big idea. Then it was time to give it a name. I came up with Destination X Ride.
Now armed with the name. I am In the process of building the website. This site is a tool, a multi-tool. To build awareness about the ride itself and all the causes it is intended to benefit. This will be accomplished by constantly updated blogs, which will contain video, photography and my writings. Documenting every aspect of the ride. Well, almost every aspect. There are many avenues that will be explored. My advertising, graphic design, and photography backgrounds will definitely be tapped into. I have the ability to wear a lot of hats, or helmets in this case.

Shortly after I came up with the idea for this ride, my mom gave me the gift of another crucial tool for this ride. I asked her if she would tell the story of her family’s ongoing battle with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. From a mother’s perspective. Chronicling how a family umm blessed with this disease has been affected by all aspects of it. From when my dad was first diagnosed and treated at the City of Hope to present day. She said yes, like so many other times in my life. An amazing literary result occurred. Her story can be found in the Mom X Story section of the website. There also is a Dad X section that is dedicated to my father. There is a home movie video and many photos of him taken throughout the years of his life.

Well, that’s pretty much the gist of this Destination X Ride story. I am fully committed to making this ride happen. It feels so right to me. I need to do something that is bigger than me. Something that allows me to be able to give back. I have been so wrapped up in all of my health issues in last four years or so. I honestly need to hit the road and try to spread the word. I am exploring every avenue possible to get this ride in front of as many people as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry of mine. Feel free to check out my website.

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