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  1. 43:08

    Rene Burri

    by DEVELOP Tube

    6 Videos

    René Burri studied at the School of Applied Arts in his native city of Zurich, Switzerland. From 1953 to 1955 he worked as a documentary film-maker and began to use a Leica while doing his…

  2. 66:37:50

    Photography Exhibits

    by DEVELOP Tube

    435 Videos

    Photography exhibition profiles, talks, announcements and walk throughs from museums and galleries. This album is part of the DEVELOP Tube Channel which can be found at…

  3. 03:54:02

    Thomson Reuters Foundation

    by DEVELOP Tube

    32 Videos

    Thomson Reuters Foundation is a registered charity in the United States and United Kingdom. Established in 1982, the Foundation leverages the skills, values and expertise across Thomson Reuters to…

  4. 01:03:10

    In Common - an ICVL & DEVELOP Photo Collaboration

    by DEVELOP Tube

    16 Videos

    Programming for the IC Visual Lab event In Common, in Bristol, UK 10/17/13, co-curated by ICVL and DEVELOP Tube/Erica McDonald. IC-Visual Lab provides an open forum for the discussion, production…

  5. 02:04:36

    On Photography Film Festival

    by DEVELOP Tube

    20 Videos

    OP-Festival is an online film festival on photography which was held on 26-29 September, 2013 as part of the FOTOWEEK in Holland, an initiative of Foam and the Netherlands Photo Museum. Curated…

  6. 01:46:28


    by DEVELOP Tube

    19 Videos

    Lumière offers one of the most diverse, photographic programs. The gallery features the work of over 75 master photographers, including vintage and contemporary prints. It’s image collection…

  7. 03:03:13

    David Goldblatt

    by DEVELOP Tube

    6 Videos

    David Goldblatt is a South African photographer noted for his portrayal of South Africa during the period of apartheid and more recently that country's landscapes. The 29th Annual Infinity Awards…

  8. 02:50

    Ian Berry - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    1 Video

    Ian Berry was born in Lancashire, England. He made his reputation in South Africa, where he worked for the Daily Mail and later for Drum magazine. He was the only photographer to document the massacre…

  9. 15:37

    Louis Stettner

    by DEVELOP Tube

    1 Video

    Louis Stettner ( born in 1922 ) is a celebrated American photographer whose work includes iconic images of Paris and New York. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Paris in the…

  10. 01:50:42

    Jacob Aue Sobol - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    6 Videos

    Jacob Aue Sobol was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1976. He lived in Canada from 1994-95 and Greenland from 2000-2002. In Spring 2006 he moved to Tokyo, living there 18 months before returning to…

  11. 22:29

    Jonas Bendiksen - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    4 Videos

    Norwegian, b. 1977 Jonas Bendiksen is Norwegian and was born in 1977. He began his career at the age of 19 as an intern at Magnum's London office, before leaving for Russia to pursue his own…

  12. 14:31

    Peter Marlow - Magnum

    by DEVELOP Tube

    3 Videos

    Although gifted in the language of photojournalism, Peter Marlow is not a photojournalist. He was initially, however, one of the most enterprising and successful young British news photographers,…

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