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An Artist / Photographer of 25+ years, and a independent producer from time to time. DS. graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications from The Atlanta Institute of Art. He has dabbled in video production, off and on, for the last 15 years. "I love the medium as much as I love the still image." Over the years, DS.has produced videos for such companies as Check Point Security, The Mortgage Bankers of Georgia, Today's Shopping Network, Anderson Taylor Mobile Software Solutions and various Atlanta law firms.

Recently, in 2011, he returned to video production on a "semi" full-time basis. He still creates photography for many new and existing clients. "I have no formal training in video production, but over the years have logged in countless hours of filming and editing, to the point that I do quite well in this chosen field."

DS. is dedicated to this powerful medium / art form, and is always eager to learn as much as he can when the opportunity presents itself.

DS. took on a special project in January 2012, and is now the producer of a wildly popular TV / Cable show currently running on Xfinity entitled "The ConCentrics Show." DS. coordinates, produces, films, and edits the show , a daunting task for one person...

The Concentrics Show is currently looking for creative individuals to relieve DS of some of his daily tasks. The positions that are available are Executive Producer, Con Coordinator, Show Host, Show Writer and Sound Tech. Apply at

"I look forward to immersing myself in the Vimeo community ,and am seeking support, friends, colleagues, helpful tips, education and a tremendous amount of inspiration!"

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my work. It is much appreciated!


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