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Los Angeles, CA

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A successful software engineer, Devin Goodsell never set out to work in the film industry. However, his hunger for creativity made him switch gears. Drawn to acting as a kid, he started taking acting classes and auditioning, landing roles in short films and plays alike.

In 2013 Devin founded the production company “Black Drone Media”. The company started looking for interesting projects and at the end of the year found two: The short films “If.” and “Cafe Glass” where Devin became a producer as well as leading actor. Using the short film experience as a stepping-stone, he has been working hard in 2014 producing Black Drone Media’s first Feature Film: “Goetia” which is slated for production in October as well as gaining the recent credit of executive producer on “Man Down”. A film directed by Dito Montiel and stars Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara, and Gary Oldman; slated to begin production in November.


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