Darik and the Funbags Plus

The Valley, CT

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The one and only, often imitated, never duplicated, creators of music, fun and mayhem throughout the northeast since 1997.

We started playing Connecticut in 1997 and have since grown our territory faster than a door-to-door Jehovah's Witness, with gigs in five New England States. Like the Big E, but naughtier.

We play New York and New Jersey, too... But that doesn't seem to impress the puritans back home. We have been featured on VH-1's Cover Wars, so you can see we have national exposure too!

Although we like to think we are too "bad ass" to be corporate darlings, we've hit that circuit too... with appearances at the Greater Hartford Open Golf Tournament, the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament, The Major League LaCrosses National Championships, and the Yale Bowl. The Ivy Leaguers love us.