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Vancouver, Canada

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My name is Dhruv Govil.

It’s like Groove with a D, but all the same awesomeness.

I’m a 3D animator who loves to bring characters to life. Animating a simple object and seeing it live and breathe is one of the most rewarding experiences, in my opinion. (wow, I sound like a mom). In addition to animating, I’m pretty skilled at modeling and visual effects, always capable of handling any task.

I’ve been studying 3D and the arts for a few years now, both self taught and through tuition. I’ve just completed the 3D Animation and Visual Effects course at Vancouver Film School (In the awesome class of 3D83!).

I'm skilled with Maya, XSI, 3Ds Max, Houdini, Modo, Zbrush, Nuke and Mudbox among others.

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