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Daniel Hernández, an emerging member of fashion nobility. A native of Colombia, the chic clothing designer has garnered international attention, earning awards out of Amsterdam, Boston, and from established brands such as Banana Republic and the prestigious designer Alfred Fiandaca. With recognition from some of the most well known authorities in the industry, Daniel heads DH Studios Inc., a salon/clothing design enterprise sure to change the face of fashion.
This industry is not for the meek, and Daniel’s long road of hard work has prepared him for every challenge presented before him. A graduate of Blaine Academy, Daniel studied at Boston's School of Fashion Design on Newbury Street, and abroad in Paris at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.
DH Studios Inc. was incorporated in 2002, and Daniel was quickly awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2003 Young Entrepreneur for Massachusetts and New England. This was only one of the several awards acknowledging that Daniel has what it takes.
No stranger to innovation, Daniel developed his first product, Control Crème, as a launching pad for over two hundred beauty products, and also began his own clothing line, Details De Couture. Industry connoisseurs voted Daniel the winning designer, above 800 other participants, on JUSTPROUD.com, the online fashion community. He then created a clothing line for JUSTPROUD that also bears his own name.
Daniel has a strong connection to his community and uses his talents to improve his surroundings. A firm believer in continuing education, Daniel supports the Boston Center for Adult Education, where he has been teaching for over ten years.

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