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My name is Trevor Harris. I am the CEO and founder of Dialogue Productions. My passion for creative imagery started when I chose the Media Arts course in high school. We created short videos, websites, took photos and made all sorts of wonderful art. From there I bought my own camera and began to film skateboarding with my friends. A couple of short videos were made but eventually I grew tired of making things with no real direction. This is when I started making short films. Myself and a couple of friends signed up for the 24 hour film race and had a blast. Since then, I have shot everything from extreme sports to commercial events and love every minute of it.

Dialogue Productions offers a wide range of creative imagery services.

VIDEO: Full video production, from start to finish. Whether you need a camera man or an entire piece produced, I can do it. Shooting on location or in a studio, it doesn’t matter to me. I have shot in snowstorms, pouring rain and the hottest days possible, nothing bothers me. I have professional audio recording equipment, lighting gear and camera accessories to create the perfect shot to match your ideas. I work on a state of the art editing suite using Adobe CS6 and can provide ready for web, broadcast or any other media. Motion graphics are another skill I have which can be used to add that extra “oomph” to your project.

PHOTO: I have been shooting action, lifestyle and portrait photos for years and am offering my services to you. With a wide variety of lenses and lighting equipment I can create beautiful images for web and print. Not only will I edit photos I have shot, but I can also touch up images that you already have.

DESIGN: For a couple years I ran a clothing brand; it was a one man operation, and I created all the graphics and templates for every product that was produced. Working in Illustrator and Photoshop to create intricate graphics for any medium possible is something I love to do. Flyers, logos, newsletters, banners and advertisements are only a small sample of the work I do. On top of making digital graphics, I can also aid with the production of apparel, embroidery, stickers, banners, catalogs and just about any other promotional item you would ever want.

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