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Minneapolis, MN

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Video and film producer based in the Twin Cities. Cinema and Media Studies graduate from Carleton College. Stories with fervor and quirk catch my eye, but the director's passion is what convinces me to complete a project.


  1. Hayley Foster
  2. Max J Silver
  3. Joshua Carlon
  4. Brit Fryer
  5. Connor Einarsen
  6. Hannah White
  7. Sam Dunnewold
  8. Cams Compsers
  9. Felicity Flesher
  10. Jacob Hamalian
  11. Woody Kaine
  12. Anna Swanson
  13. Carleton CAMS

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  1. Diana Fraser commented on Yamashita
    Just saw this at Visions5 conference this weekend and was completely blown away. Thank you for reminding us of such an important "remembering" and doing it so beautifully. Congrats on all of your successes!!