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What Makes Our Organiziation Unique Is That We Do Everything With Photography & Video !!! We Have Local Artist's Who Know How To Create Quality Recordings Or if You cant do that...Well we will find you a quality recording studio of our choice.. we also Take Artists we Hire Out of state to do shows in Different cities and towns we are a Growing Nationwide Company Including 50 States Of The U.S. and Canada Also Ask Any Questions If Needed 1(216)644-9558 ....We Specialize in Molding your Character if you dont have one...also can book you into certain events we schedule through our company ....Dice1Up Entertainment LLC Was Started In Cleveland,Ohio For The First Time Back In The Summer of 2009 and still progressing to run in the right direction of giving you the people quality and great music to listen to ...We Also Have a very Wide variety of different genre's .. We Are Here To Develop a Character, With The Best Lead Promo Innovation Team, Best Marketing , Best Nationwide Distribution, & Much Much More!!! That will help shed the light on others and Help Live The Resistance !! Any More Information Needed View Th

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