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United States

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Awards/Professional Studio Work
• First Place Champion Milwaukee’s Summerfest Youth music competition
• Music/Sound / Sound Effects- MIDI Sequencer Expert
• Professional Studio Musician 2010 Using "Reason" , "Cakewalk", Pro Tools , and Mixcraft

Television and Radio
• Original Music Used in Television for KNME
• Original Music Used in Radio commercials for 101.7 Sports Radio
• Performed live on Wisconsin Public Radio- Hotel Milwaukee Show

Experience/Live Performance
• Performed with Jazz Bands, and Latin groups, Blues, Rock, and Pop,
• Developed a classical piano-performance of Fredric Chopin, Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart and Bach.
• Has scored music for string-quartet
• Bi-Lingual - Speaks Spanish
• Ability to freestyle and solo
• Familiar with most recording systems and computer systems


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