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Graduated in engineering in 2000 at "La Sapienza" University in Rome an in Electronic Music with honor in 2014 at "L. Reficie" in Frosinone; He has always had a passion for music and visual art. He is currently studying digital audiovisual composition at "Conservatorio L.Refice" in Frosinone with Alessandro Cipriani, Antonino Chiaramonte, Maurizio Argentieri e Fabio Venturi. He won, in 2011, a competition called "Sincronie Remix 2011" with the work "DALL'alto dei giorni immobili" and, in 2014, the international prize "Marzio Rosi" at “Lorenzo Perosi” Public Conservatory of Campobasso with the work "Epithymetikon". In 2014 he won the "Best Music Award" at ICMC-SMC 2014, in Athens, Greece.


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