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Award winning international Film Director | Screenwriter.
1.618, Golden number.
Highly Stylized Storytelling craftsman. Vir Bonus Dicenti Peritus.
My work and my life are offered to the essence, uncreated, eternal, intangible.
Solid | Strong | Deep.
Discovering an emotion in a frame
The etymology (ἐτυμολογία)
The heuristics. The hermeneutics.
Reconfiguring neural networks.
I believe in working together, in the attempt of understanding energy (the synergy between humans), in team discipline, in sensitivity and contribution of each artist within a group of film creation.
Understanding and turning on my partners light, enhancing them.
From the knowledge, study, and experience (empirical knowledge) creating a space, the time, to manifest that which must happen.
For advertising and custom work, my goal is to fulfill an idea, listening to the essence and the interests of all people involved.
Working with passion, knowledge and commitment to achieve the maximum possible in every idea.
Professional biography:
Graduated as a film Director in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Play theatre in L.A., Madrid and Berlin (in these two cities ventured into theatrical productions).
Complimentary studies: Art Direction, Grammar, Screenwriting and Philosophy.
Studied, among others, with Eiko Ishioka, set designer and Japanese costume designer of major productions in film and theatre, such as Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola), The Cell (Tarsem Danwar) and the Valkyrie Opera by Wagner.
Storytelling and screenwriting with Robert McKee, Guillermo Arriaga, Syd Field and John Truby, masters of many of the greatest writers of today's industry.
Diego is an award-winning advertising director. With his extensive knowledge and special emphasis on merging live action and photo-realistic CGI elements with a cinematic storytelling style, he creates strong visuals and solid atmospheres.
Brands like Ford, Mazda China/Japan, Samsung Russia (official campaign for Sochi Olympic games), Nissan (includes Nissan Ginza, shot in Tokyo, Japan, and the award-winning "5th element" for Nissan Altima), SKY, General Motors company, National Tourism, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Televisa (who headed celebrated an historic campaign "Stars of the bicentennial", composed of 10 spots of 3 min. 30 spots of 1 min. An entire year of shooting).
Banamex, Sony, HSBC, Pons, Telcel, AXN, Palacio de Hierro, Nestlé, Axe (for whom directed several chapters, and designed the integral image of the TV series by Fox "City Hunters" winner of the gold in the eye of Iberoamerica among numerous awards) Nec, City Bank,, Fox Italy, Animax, MTV, trusted their business.
He made several music videos including Zac Brown's Band Remedy short movie/Music Video.
The "Looser" music video was selected by D&AD for world best video clip of the year.
Directed and produced TV shows for Discovery Channel, People and Arts, BBC London, MTV, E! Entertainment and Nickelodeon.
Currently shooting around the world adapting to all possibles cultures of the globe.
China: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai agent: shp.tv/talent/diego-pernia/
Europe and Asia agent, Aylene Gardiner: aylenegardiner.com/HOME.php vimeopro.com/aylene/diego-pernia


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