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DIGIPOST is a digital post-production and creative studio.

Established in 1994, we are the first non-linear (digital) post-house to open in Singapore and was one of the industry leaders for over 15 years.

In 2005, DIGIPOST Vietnam was established in Ho Chi Minch city and has now become our headquarters for our operations. Since then, we have gained tremendous market support across the Southeast Asian (Indochina) region and internationally.

Our dedication to creative collaboration with our clients on each projects has been recognized in the industry, with awards wins in the Pheonix Awards (Singapore), the Golden Bell Awards (Vietnam) and the Epica Awards (Vietnam).

2011 was the year DIGIPOST Vietnam took the first steps to evolve into a creative studio by adding concept artists, designers and illustrators to the team. Our Concepts & Designs department was launched in 2014, ushering a new era with content creation now part of our process.

Our services include Content Development, Conceptualization, 2D Design, Animatics & Illustrations, Editing, Colour Grading, 3D & Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Music Composition, Sound Design, Voice Casting & Dubbing and Technical Consultancy.

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