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Welcome to Digital Double's Vimeo Channel!

We offer the latest in motion capture solutions in Redmond, near Seattle, Washington.

We provide high-quality art outsourcing for a variety of clients including: Warner Brothers, Disney, Nickelodeon and many others. Our services include:

- Motion capture
- 3D modeling & texturing
- 2D & 3D animation
- Rigging
- Effects & compositing
- Rendering
- Concept art and storyboarding
- Writing for the entertainment markets (white papers, game design documents, software design specs, etc)

Digital Double was founded in 2004 and has quickly grown into a multi-talented team of animators, motion capture technicians, programmers, and artists of all backgrounds. We are located in Redmond, Washington.

Digital Double specializes in customized service. Whether you need raw motion capture data, concept illustration, modeling and texturing, or complete ready-to-go animation, we can tailor a solution to your project.

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