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i make short movies animations and i do visuals on partys or video installations
recently i'm a member of CoGe Tester crew >
since the new version of Syphon recorder is released i'm a big fan of live animation/video/motion picture creation
i think this is not just a good toy for make memories of your visualist works, than a new way of thinking about content generation

with friends we do live cinema performances under the name 1oo%Paprika
our show called celloBeatpulse check it out here or visit the project's bolg >
oneO/OPaprika was founded with my QC mentor bios >

last summer we won "sziget"special price for our mapping video jacket @ the Paint Up! mapping competition

u can follow me

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  • tumblr - hi! >> this is a site for project descriptions and personal portfolio
  • FB - you can like my fb page to get up to date news what is happening around me


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