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Exmoor National Park, UK

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Welcome to Digital Exmoor a resource of video taken by local people depicting the way of life, the places, villages, moorland of Exmoor. It is a collection of video's freely given to showcase to the world what a beautiful part of the world we live in, and we invite you to visit here and take in the beautiful stunning scenery, enjoy a short or long stay, and the locally produced food from this part of the world. We wish to educate and inform the world through digital media so you can make your own choices about where you visit and where you stay.


  1. Tim FitzPatrick
  2. Philip Bloom
  3. Elliott Forge
  4. Judd Frazier
  5. Michael Fletcher
  6. Grant Willis (VK5GR)
  7. Ernest Goodman
  8. Ross McKinnon
  9. Chris Harris
  10. Argo Media
  11. Skylark Media Group
  12. Westcountry Wildlife
  13. Geoff  Dunlop
  14. Chris Bishop. HD Visuals
  15. Green TV
  16. Ton van de Merwe
  17. Nature-on-film
  18. Vizion Cinematography

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