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We tell stories, in words, sounds and pictures - the sort of stories we hope people are interested in watching and reading about.
That's a bit vague isn't it...
OK, how about this then?
We produce video content, written work and design that engages people with a brand.
Is that better?
With Musto, respected manufacturers of sailing, equestrian and country sports clothing, our job is to match the past with the present. To tell people about the rich heritage that informs and guides the company forwards. It's a story that leaps off the page - Keith Musto was a silver medalist in the 1964 Olympics. He set up his own clothing company to engineer and manufacture clothing that helps people to explore the most dangerous waters on the planet, safer, faster and in much greater comfort.
In Visit Wales' case, the brief is more complicated. By telling short stories about how Wales has inspired an unrelated quartet of artists, we tried to convey the creative diversity of the people and places of Wales. It's a small country, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to the arts. More importantly, there's a confidence and independence in these people (as well as a wry twinkle in the eye) that is strongly representative of 21st century Wales.

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