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Digital Gravel first hit the web on 1/19/1999, as the first site dedicated exclusively to selling gear from underground and independently owned brands. We knew that most people didn't have access to these goods, and were left with the mediocre mainstream brands from malls and department stores. On a mission to change all that, we launched the site with 40 t-shirts and sweatshirts, from five brands.

With your support we've grown to the stage where we are currently carrying over 5,000 items (including t's, sweatshirts, tops, bottoms, hats, outerwear, accessories and ladies wear) from over a 100 brands, and have shipped goods to over 50 countries. We are still independently owned and operated, and unlike most sites we haven't accepted a penny of corporate sponsorship. We are still completely ad-free and have turned down requests from the likes of MTV and NBC to advertise on our site. We are still only carrying the best of the independent and have turned away several major brands that have requested to be on our site.

Basically, we are still the same company we were on day one. We still believe that the best gear in this industry can only be found beneath surface..

and we're still diggin'.

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