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Shireen Mitchell is an award winning technological woman of color, author, social entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, advocate analyst, a web pioneer and a social media igniter.

As a self-proclaimed “geekette,” Shireen has always embraced her inner techie. You could always catch her playing pong or “chatting” on her computer on the bulletin board systems (BBS) before we had the World Wide Web. She managed the Politically website prior to its sale and public offering during the 90's as one of the only women of color web entrepreneurs. All of these achievements were accomplished before Shireen founded Digital Sisters, Inc., an organization that focuses on using digital media and technology to access tools for women and children and consulting through Women Wired In.

Shireen has been awarded Top 100 DC Tech Titans, Social Citizen Award: Apps for Democracy DC, Rising Star: Woman of Color in Technology, Heroine in Technology, Community Technology Leader, The Root 100, Black Twitterati and finalist for the Shorty Awards, & Young Woman of Achievement.

Shireen was born and raised in the projects of New York City. She currently resides with her family in Washington DC, a city engrossed in government 2.0, and politics.

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