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Santiago, Chile-Amsterdam-Berlin

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Diluvio was born sometime in 2007, the freakish lovechild of a cosmic explosion in an apartment in Santiago, Chile. Diluvio is an audiovisual laboratory composed of a kaledeiscopic mix of visual artists, actors, writers, liars, dreamers, musicians, crackpots, and filmmakers.
Diluvio is known by many faces and many names, an ever changing, ever flowing evolution of exuberance.
Here are just a few for you to chew on in the meantime:
an intergalactic soup kitchen of ideas
a flowerchild thief in the night
a rabbithole of lost souls
an alchemical voodoo chile freeze-frame junkie
a hotbed of dazzling diamond hearts
a sincity of circus sideshow shapeshifters
a bowl of milk in the eye of a lonely tornado…

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