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THE WORLD OF DIMEPIECELA. Fashion videos and interviews from our headquarters in sunny downtown Los Angeles, the garment district to be exact! Listen up to our newest tunes, news, and feedback from our awesome HQ!
Mostly awesome tunes, good vibes, and bad bitches who have great taste in music. Follow us @dimepiecela

DimePiece was founded in Spring of 2007 in the heart of Los Angeles by brand co-creators Ashley Jones and Laura Fama. Their charismatic vision quickly transformed into a go-to brand for girl power, cult graphics and uninhibited contemporary streetwear.
Notorious for their outlandish approach and incorporation of surreal subjects, Dimepiece aims to transform standard ideals in women’s apparel, pushing for a nonconformist reign with rebellious strength.
Dimepiece is a lifestyle and a someone. She is no less bold in her dress than in her mentality. She is a charming vision of powerhouse feminist meets eccentric daydreamer. She is independent, forward-thinking and lives out loud.
What began as a couple screen-printed t-shirts has grown into one of the only globally recognized women’s street-wise labels around.
Now in its 13th season, Dimepiece adds another solid installment, and goes from strength to strength as trendsetting Nicki Minaj, P!Nk, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and Katy Perry, among many others, have emerged as fans.

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