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DimeStore Films is Christian Gridelli and Hunter Norris, a pair of DIY filmmakers from Chicago who've been working together for over a decade. They've written, directed, and produced over a dozen short films as well as video content for some of Chicago’s most notable tech startups. Their written collection of webseries', short films, sketches, ad campaigns, commercial spots, and feature length projects more than doubles that number.

DimeStore Films has screened shorts at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Chicago's Backyard Film Festival (where their short film "5K" won first prize), iO Vidiocy Film Festival, and the Indie Incubator Film Festival. Their first, feature length comedy, “The Origins of Wit & Humor”, was shot in Chicago and will premiere this summer. It has played at over a dozen film festivals and has taken home "Best Comedy" at Philadelphia Independent as well as "Best Actor" at the Hill Country Film Festival.

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