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Although born in Colombia on October 19, 1984, Diego Mora was raised in Europe, where at a young age, he was introduced to a variety of artistic styles and cultures. His early childhood memories of discovering galleries and museums, with a camera in his hands, was only the very beginnings of Diego's interest in the fascinating world of photography.

Diego returned to Colombia to attend University. It was during this time that his passion for the enigmatic world around, in the form of captured images, ignited and led him to borrow his uncle's Pentax K1000 camera.

In the midst of his journalism studies at Quindio University, Diego was invited to attend a product workshop in Bogota City. His excitement for fashion and portrait photography landed him a place at The Zone 5 School, where he attended workshops and honed his photography skills. Inspired by the works of many famous and masterful photographers, Diego realized the reflective potential of photography to reflect true beauty, even in sometimes ugly realities. After working with a variety of talented photographers in Bogota, Diego decided to define his own style to reflect his own views: less is more, as simple as chic.

Currently, Diego’s love of the world and its vast opportunities, people, and cultures has brought him to Toronto, where he is keeping busy with a variety of projects and getting an influx of ethnic diversity in to his work.

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