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Diogo Savard was born in 1993 in Lisbon, Portugal. Beyond question, he has and everlasting love for art. Since the first attempt at the television at his age of 9, for a soap opera in Portugal, Lisbon. There later he studied circus and performance in Chapitô, where he developed most of his artistic skills and where he felt he had found the place he belonged to: Performing Arts.

It is perfectly clear for him, that the body is the essence of soul, working through the space using the concrete consistence of body as a mean and exploring its limits, emotions, feelings.

Savard's concern is exploration and taking them to stage. The point is the way to show it. He has several possibilities: acting, dancing, expressing his inner emotions. Undoubtedly most of this resides in the reason why he creates art: to make the others feel exactly the way he feels while he's upon a stage; to free them, exposing what he thinks about.

It’s not merely about playing/performing; it is also about commitment and the ambition to achieve the knowledge of humans deepest and natural feelings. His priority is to dominate the reflection, to reach a proper self-consciousness through all the experiences we all have had in our lives. And, then, to show it. To conclude it.


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