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Vasilis Katsoupis’s life is directed – more or less – like this:
Opening shot. A small town in central Greece, where two loving parents and one obsessive grandmother are raising little Vasilis with care. At the age of 8, he directs his first movie, starring his brother as Karate Kid giving martial arts’ lessons in front of a floral sheet.
After this first peak of interest in the plot, Vasilis tries hard to realize his dream. During his adolescence, he doesn’t play football; he studies Russian literature. He doesn’t take tests in Math, but in Star Wars. In between dating girls, he produces rock radio shows in order to date more girls.
After reaching the age of 18, he starts his own personal flipside game – and the audience claps with enthusiasm to support his adventures: he rushes off to Hull, to study Media Production. Then back to Athens to work with a music-video director. Off to the UK again to spend a bohemian year in London and then to Sheffield to do his masters in Direction and Film Producing. Zoom out on the year he spent doing his military service.
He then climbs all the way up to north Greece and Thessaloniki, to work as a lecturer for the Cinema School of Aristotle University, at the extremely early age of 28.
And just when the audience is about to leave the room…
Knock! Knock! advertising enters and Vasilis rolls to Athens to work as a commercial director.
Enter epic soundtrack. He shoots commercials, he shoots his own ideas, he shoots music videos, he shoots his girlfriend’s hysteria, he shoots suburban pavements and urban skies. From time to time, he even shoots colleagues that keep smoking at his presence.
But he doesn’t stop there… He conceives and directs big events, viral videos, innovative media spots. He forms the directorial team the cOre with Nicholas Alavanos and Stathis Mourdoukoutas. Together, they shoot the Greek Tourism Organisation campaign that runs globally, with great success.
He is represented by FILMIKI, working for the company as a director and executive producer.

The sky is the limit… so, at the moment, he is shooting his first feature film, about his hero-friend musician, Larry Gus. What does the future hold for Vasilis Katsoupis?

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