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Hey! I am Emile van de Coevering. is my portfolio showcasing my work as a Creative Director, Animation Director and Live Visual Artist.

After years of gracing stages around the globe with my own visual media company Escapation I came in contact with Vello Virkhaus of renowned V Squared Labs. Together with him I performed at a multitude of festivals and events. And nowadays we are working closely together to create even bigger shows.

I’m am very lucky to have worked together with some amazing colleagues and l couldn’t have done this without them.

In the beginning of 2012 I broke into the American Television scene with Creative Direction roles on American Idol: Season 11 and Germany’s Next Top Model: Season 7.

From then onwards my focus is on being a creative force behind events, television, film and other visual art.

I am committed to create rich and interactive experiences via combinations of directing, motion graphics, visual support and live performance.

In short:
Let’s Make Things Look good!

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