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Constantine Papanicolaou (CP) grew up in Ridgewood, NJ. Upon graduating from high school in the spring of 1994, CP moved to Berkeley, CA to attend the University of California. It was during his time at Berkeley that he became interested in digital media and entertainment.

Constantine graduated Berkeley in the spring of 1998 with a degree in Applied Math. The following winter, he produced and directed his first film, a short documentary about 4 skiers jumping over a moving freight train. The film received strong reviews from the ski and snowboard community.

After completion of the Trainjump film, CP joined as its first software engineer. FairAir was a web site where airline travelers could purchase and later resell their tickets. CP was a principle engineer on the FairAir team and helped develop a fully operational and live web site. The market conditions at the time unfortunately lead to FairAir going out of business.

The FairAir experience helped CP land a software engineer position at in Seattle. He spent 2 years designing and building Suppy Chain Optimization Software. CP returned to school in the summer of 2003 for a Master of Business Administration at the University of Southern California, and to pursue his long-time interest in digital media and entertainment.

During the second year of the program, CP produced and directed a short narrative titled The Flying Cross, about a young skier determined to join an elite rank of older skiers. The film was shot entirely on Super 16mm film and won the award for best short film at the 2006 X-Dance festival in Park City.

Since completing the Flying Cross, CP has gone on to produce and direct branded entertainment for companies such as Oakley and Red Bull. He is widely regarded as a top cinematographer and director in the action sports world, and his work has continued to garner awards. CP is based in Santa Monica, CA.

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