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Krause Art Gallery, NYC: The Collect'ian; solo show (forthcoming April 2013)
Atomic Sketch, Chicago: Featured Artist; live drawing session (December 2012)
GLAAD Auction, NYC: Featured Artist (November 2012)
TOMBOY Seoul, Korea: Fall Fashion Week Featured Artist (October 2012)
generationCURE Benefit amfAR 2012 Auction, NYC: Featured Artist (October 2012)
Durango Loves NYC Campaign, NYC: Featured Artist (October 2012)
Plate2Plate Annual Auction, NYC: Featured Artist; live drawing session ( October 2012)
Lomography, NYC: Diana Exhibition Featured Artist (September 2012)
'sNice SOHO, NYC: Art Installation (September 2012)
St. Dymphnas, NYC: Art Installation (September 2012-ongoing)
Fire Island Pines Art Show, Fire Island, NY: Featured Artist (September 2012)
'sNice Brooklyn, NYC: Art Installation (August 2012)
Degenerate Art Gallery, Chicago: Featured Artist (August 2012)
HOWL Festival, NYC: Featured Artist, live drawing session (August 2012)
Krause Gallery, NYC: Outside the Box Art Exhibition (May 2012)
YOTEL, NYC: Frieze Artist Installation "FUTUREZOO" 40+ Original Works (May 2012)
Gallery Bar, NYC: Silent Noise Art Exhibition (March 2012)
'sNice West Village, NYC: Art Installation (January 2012)
Mr. Joseph's Barber Shop, NYC: Art Installation (March 2012-ongoing)
Fire Island Pines Art Show, Fire Island, NY: Featured Artist (August 2011)
Sag Harbor Art Weekend, Sag Harbor, NY: JED, Featured Artist; live drawing session (July 2011)
Chicago Male Salon, Chicago: Art Installation (July 2010)
Ript Apparel, Chicago: Bee Shirt Design Award (May 2010)
Atomic Sketch, Chicago: Featured Artist, live drawing session (May 2010)
Pachuigo, Chicago: Featured First Artist Installation (March 2010)

TOMBOY Seoul, Korea: 25 drawings commissioned for TOMBOY's Men's, Women's and Children's lines (2013)
YOTEL, NYC: Artist-in-Residence; 30+ portraits of guests drawn a month (2012-ongoing)
OUT Hotel, NYC: Artist-in-Residence; window and lobby displays and prototyping "minib'art" concept for original art in hotel rooms (2012-ongoing)
Just Panic and Get It Over With by Derek Nicoletto: album cover design (January 2013)
Untitled Project by Josh Franklin: album cover design (forthcoming 2013)
It's All 4 You by Rich King: album cover design (December 2012)
400+ commissioned individual portraits (2012)
POP SOUK, NYC: Featured Artist (October 2012)
COO of FORD Fashion, NYC: portraits drawn at private company event (October 2012)
BOND Creative, NYC: 3 Year Anniversary Party Featured Artist (September 2012)
Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC: Fashion Night Out Featured Artist; 30+ portraits (September 2012)
Inertrain, Chicago: 7 large scale pieces commissioned for office space (August 2012)
Paul Smith, NYC: Featured Artist; +80 portraits drawn at 3 events (March/April 2012)
POP SOUK, NYC: Featured Artist (May 2012)
St. Dymphnas, NYC: t-shirt and sweatshirt logo design (2012)
100+ commissioned individual portraits (2011)

The Dramatist Magazine 2012-2013 Season Wrap-up Issue: cover design and 5 illustrations (forthcoming - April/May 2013)
100 Stories: book of 100 portraits drawn at YOTEL during 2012 (forthcoming 2013)
Live portrait session with Edward Albee for The Dramatist Magazine (December 2012)
Fluency by Ian Sklarsky (NYC: August 2012)
The SLANT (June 2011)
NEXT: Stephin Merritt portrait (March 2012)

Vicky Mather, "New Art: Amazing Artist Ian Sklarsky," Lost at E Minor (January 12, 2013)

Romina S. Corellucci, "Cyborg Animal Installations: The Ian Sklarksy Future Zoo Piece Imagines the Year 2049," Trend Hunter: Art and Design (May 15, 2012)

"Interview with Ian Sklarsky: 'I live in the NOW'," A Team Like Us (May 11, 2012) ateamlikeus.blogspot.com/2011/05/ian-sklarsky-i-live-in-now.html

"Artist Ian Sklarsky," New York Spaces (April 2012)

"Blind Contour," The Aesthetic Omnivore (February 2012)

Karen Day, "Ian Sklarsky: Abstract Portraits from a Blind Contour Artist," Cool Hunting (February 14, 2012)

"Cool Hunting Rough Cut: Ian Sklarsky Draws Otis," Cool Hunting (February 14, 2012)

"New York City Spring 2012 Wedding Guide" (February 2012)

"Guest Portraits, YOTEL (2012-ongoing)

Marshall Heyman, "Contours, Culture and Cocktails," The Wall Street Journal (July 25, 2011)

Columbia College, B.A. in Documentary Film (2005)

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