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Steve Urbano is an award-winning creative and live action director who combines visual and emotional storytelling with a proven experience in advertising, marketing, programming and branded content.

He is well known in the industry as a dynamic director when combining live action with animation and visual effects. As an enthusiast and automotive racer, Steve brings a unique perspective when filming cars and motorsports.

Steve has co-founded two production firms including the Denver/Los Angeles based !mpossible, a broadcast and television creative agency. As Co-Founder/Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Steve created, directed and produced numerous marketing and branding campaigns.

His work includes commercials, network promotions, and documentaries for such iconic brands as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, DISH Network, Pepsi, Ford, Dupont, HGTV, Toyota, Food Network and The Sundance Channel.

Steve has created, designed and directed commercials, network promos, original programming and documentaries with such notable artists and celebrities including Smokey Robinson, Jeff Gordon, Elton John, Beyonce', Robin Thicke, Giada DeLaurentiis, Bobby Flay, Blair Underwood, Mario Andretti and Patrick Dempsey.

An artist at a young age, Steve comes from a legacy of film and television professionals. Steve was mentored by his grandfather Carl Urbano, a Golden Age animator, who directed such beloved characters as The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Steve's career evolved from computer animator, motion designer, visual effects supervisor to ultimately working as a live action director.

His work has garnered national credits and honors, including Clio Awards, National Addys and numerous EMMYs. Urbano has also been honored by the New York Festival for Advertising, the Broadcast Design Association and the Art Director’s Club.

When not behind the camera, his passion is auto racing and he was named the 2011 Formula Rookie of the Year by Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing.

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