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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Dirk Hardy (The Netherlands, 1989) graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2014 and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

His staged photographic images, a blend of observation, memory and imagination, aim to challenge the viewer to slowly break through the stylized surface and connect with the narrative and often critical elements in the works. Obsessed with aesthetics and the photographic medium, Dirk constantly pushes to refine his craftsmanship and develop the liquid relationship between form and content in his work.

Dirk’s method of working is highly influenced by having spent three years studying architecture. In 2010, Dirk realized that photography was his true passion, so he switched over to it entirely and never looked back. His studies, observations and ideas form the foundation of his work, and by carefully designing a detailed plan to communicate his vision to the viewer, Dirk might have become an architect after all. An architect of images.

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