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Dirty Cheap Creative is a creative animation and film studio located in Istanbul Turkey. We are a team of talents to create film, video, 3D, stop motion, claymation, motion graphics animations and provide complete production services inhouse. Although we focus on digital media, we have been creating content and advertising for mainstream increasingly in the last year.

Dirty Cheap Casting is an online street casting agency partnered with Dirty Cheap Creative. The casting database now holds over 3.000 talents and is available for our partners' use online.

We work well with agencies to create better and more effective commercial films by using animation and digital film techniques consecutively giving their creatives new and exciting film idea openings. We provide creative solutions to make the best of low production budgets.

In the last year we created work for global accounts such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Renault, Ruffles, Sprite, Burger King, Mercedes, Ebay, Arcelik, Koc Group, Avea, Turkcell, Procter & Gamble and British American Tobacco. We work with international network agencies such as Young & Rubicam, TBWA, BBDO, DDB and Ogilvy One.

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