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Dirty Couture is a clothing line inspired for a unique generation. It is a lifestyle brand that caters to a wide demographic of people. From our snowboard team, to skaters, World renown Dj's, rockstars, NFL athletes, motocross kids, dancers etc. Our brand doesn't like to be stereo typed in a specific market. We have a very distinctive logo which is our trademarked Star design. Our logo star shirt is our flag ship shirt and it is offered in numerous colorways online at DirtyCouture.com
Dirty Couture Became very well known and recognizable, when DJ Pauly D was rocking it on mainly every jersey shore episode. With jersey Shore being MTV most watched reality show in history the brand grew fast. And we are continuing to grow. Dirty Couture is always working on new projects and how we portray our new work and what we have going on is thru our photo shoots and video work. With having such an amazing team it makes our work organic.
We would like to give a big thanks to our Video guy Ebis! #teamdirty

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