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In May of 2008,”Dirty Ice” paired up with “Durdie Furbie” a.k.a. Gremlyn, and decided to formulate a strategy that could break the sugar coated shell covering the ears of hip hop listeners by being outrageous with artistic integrity.

Together they have formed a group called “DirtyDurdie.” Combining purism with putrid references to drive home points that not only invoke laughter, but also compel listeners to visualize some pretty nasty things. Building upon the likes of the late great Old Dirty Bastard, Red Man, Sean Price, C-Rayz Walz, MF DOOM (and any other MC who was not afraid to go against the grain), “DirtyDurdie,” is focused on forging a counter cultural library of raw music for fans of a sound that’s not saturated with commercialism.

The duo command quite a presence when performing on stage. They use unrefined energy, well developed rhyme skill, and professionalism to engage there audience in spite of their lyrical content. All of the beats have an emotionally charged pulse which becomes the perfect platform for these artists to “dump” there thoughts off. The conceptual chemistry between these two in this day and age is rare. The goal of the group is to prove that originality overpowers the regular “follow the leader” method of entering into the hip hop/rap industry! “DirtyDurdies,” message is clear “If its o.k. to stab, shoot, kill, kidnap, torture, split wigs, etc.., in music then we can’t we rhyme about doo doo or, bad breath or, use metaphors that relate to garbage truck juice, I mean which is really more disgusting?”…We do the dirty work call us the games clinic, the viruses are getting stronger by the minute, WE DO THE DIRTY WORK CALL US THE GAMES CLINIC”

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  2. Respect to all the artists involved with creating this... originality in music has a chance!!