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Belgrade, Serbia

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Dis-patch is the first festival of its kind in Serbia, and one of rare events dedicated to contemporary electronic music in the region.
From 2002 - 2007, we staged more than 90 performances at various venues in Belgrade, thus presenting different approaches to producing electronic music and performing it live, at the same time giving much attention to promoting individual national scenes.
We have featured performers from Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Japan, Norway, Sweden, France, Finland, Italy, USA, Slovenia, Russia, Italy, USA and other countries.
Although electronic music is, generally speaking, very present on the Serbian cultural scene, most of the events held by now were restricted to a more commercial or “club” approach. The conception of the Dis-patch festival is to fill the blanks made by this practice that eventually also formed a wrong attitude of the audience towards the music itself, and also to support the local digital arts scene & community through special educative programs, such as panels, presentations, seminars and full-scale workshops.

In 2005, Dis-pacth festival has been honored with the international Qwartz Electronic Music Award in the “Best Event” category. In the first eight editions, more than 200 concerts and 50 programs were held, bringing 250+ artists from 15+ countries to Belgrade.

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