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Distant Correspondent is a band that features David Obuchowski (of Goes Cube, The End Records), Edith Frost (solo artist, Drag City Records), Emily Gray (of Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia, Truck Records). Oh My Rockness says Distant Correspondent makes "sparse, well-crafted dream-ish pop that slowly taps and swirls its way toward melodies of the haunting sublime." Maura Magazine calls their music, "moody, pulsing...lovely." And Aquarium Drunkard notes that "Frost fans may be a little surprised — pleasantly — by the sound, which owes quite a bit to the classic 4AD sound of the 80s, with moody, shimmering guitar tones recalling the work of Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie...It’s a wintery delight."

Edith Frost: Vocals, keyboards.
Emily Gray: Monologues/spoken word.
Michael Lengel: Drums, bass.
David Obuchowski: Guitar, vocals, bass.

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