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Music Agency, Record Label, Video & Audio Production, PR, Design, Events

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Video Production and Distribution
Music Production and Distribution
Design Services
PR (online and offline)
and many more…

Dita Entertainment offers the best service, and the best deal in the business. As an artist, your music gets into hundreds of online stores including iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Rhapsody, MySpace, 7 Digital, Spotify, Grooveshark, Nokia, Beatport, 24/7 Entertainment and many more. You can also become eligible for charts all over the world, sell your work on pre-release, and take advantage of other great Dita Entertainment features.
We provide PR plan. This plan include TV and radio airplay, print reviews, and other logistical information for the artists.
We also help many organizations develop and implement strategies that incorporate Facebook, Twitter, social media news releases, blogger outreach and a host of other offline and online communication tools.

We put music on sale before release date, with all sales counting to the release day.

Music &Video Production & Distribution
With our team we produce high quality music and video, sell your music video on iTunes in 220+ countries around the globe.

Register Music for the Charts in Sweden, UK, Irish, German, USA, Canada
Dita Entertainment enable you to hit the Charts across the world and we are very happy to add registration of the Grammotex [Swedish Charts] to the table. If you’re looking to move into new territories, increase your fanbase and further your career this is the service for you.
Stay connected with your fans with a Dita Entertainment Music iPhone + Android App.

Other services:
Design Services - Photoshoots - Events

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