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'Diversity in Advertising' is a film about the advertising industry made by Media Citizens (@MediaCitizens) for Clever Peeps (@sickonthenet) and the Ideas Foundation (@ideasfoundation).

Gaining unique access to some of the top agencies in the world, we have made 2 soon-to-be-released 15-minute documentaries: 'Diversity in Advertising' and 'A Career in Advertising'. We’ve also made twelve short career profiles of some of the leading names within the industry. The series of films will be launched at an exclusive IPA screening in Central London on November the 13th.

Our goal is to shine a light on the state of diversity currently present in UK advertising, while starting a discussion into the ways in which we might be able to improve it.

We also hope the insights from some of the industry’s most imaginative people will inspire the next generation of creative-thinkers to consider one of the most interesting and creative ways to earn a living.

Please see here two trailers for 'Diversity in Advertising', and two short interviews with leading figures in the industry: the Worldwide Creative Director of BBH, Sir John Hegarty, and the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi London, Magnus Djaba.

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