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Hi there and welcome to my vimeo.

I am inspired and motivated by the ocean which I fell in love with when I first learned to Scuba dive over 5 years ago. My personal goal is to excel my filmmaking skills to a professional standard. I would also like to contribute to ocean conservation using this media.

SSI Open water
SDI Rescue diver
SDI Advanced diver
TDI Intro to tech
TDI Sidemount diver
TDI Nitrox
SDI Solo diver
TDI Advanced Nitrox
Apnea Freediving Stage A
Apnea Freediving Stage B (Personal best 23m depth with finsand 80m dynamic in pool 2.5mins static)
Certified to 45m open circuit and have experience diving Twins and Sidemount
CCR Air Diluent Poseidon rebreather diver course certified to 30m

I have a diploma in Photography and a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a BCom in Management.

I won the first underwater video competition I entered, in the amateur category for the Cairns underwater film festival last year.

My favourite dive destination is the epic Galapagos islands.

I have been shooting with a Canon 5D Mark 3 with 4300 lumen Mangrove lights but recently purchased a RED Scarlet in DeepX housing and film in 4k. The DeepX housing with Nikonos lens allows true 4k resolution with no distortion.

Please visit my blog to read about my adventures under the water I have a website currently being developed for launch coming soon.

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