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Hi, my name is John Roberts and I am a 'sole worker' non-professional filmmaker based in the North of England. I've made films on a very part time basis since 1988, I'm a member of the IAC and my local club Sheffield Movie Makers. I've managed to win some UK regional amateur competitions including the South Yorkshire Competition on two occasions as well as somehow scooping a Diamond and Best Editing award at BIAFF 2013 with a documentary entitled 'Thinking Time'. I'd love to hear from anyone and any comments are gratefully received. I'll add more films soon :-)

I've recently upgraded to 'one and a half' Panasonic GH3's with PanaLeica 25mm 1.4 prime, Olympus 45mm 1.8 prime, Panasonic stock 14-140 3.5-5.6 OIS zoom lens as well as my favourite lens of all time - the stunning Olympus 12-60 2.8-4 Pro ED zoom, plus a few older four thirds and vintage Olympus OM lenses. Previous camera was a budget Panasonic HDC-SD10, in the distant past I also used a Panasonic NV-S85 and a Sony CCD-F450E!

All the videos have been uploaded at 1080 resolution, but not all are downloadable. If there is a video you would particularly like to download but can't, please drop me a quick message :-)

DPP are also on Facebook under Dizdoz Purple Productions - believe me, we are the only Dizdoz Purple in the entire world! See you there :-)


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