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DJ Allen E jumped in the game in 1998 as a 15 year old kid. Persistent in perfecting his mixing, blending and scratching skills he would lock himself in his self-made studio for hours on end . Turning 17 he decided it was his time to share his gift, he hit the club scene and hasn't stopped yet. As a 13 year veteran he has opened and performed along side trend setters Danny Diggz, DJ Serafin, DJ Irene, Robbie Rivera, N.O.R.E. and countless others.
DJ Allen E has also held many residencies across Texas and surrounding cities and states, rocking clubs with music from a variety of genres. As technology progressed so did Allen E's creativity and talent, bringing him into the era of the "Video DJ." Previously only having experience with audio editing, Allen E assumed the challenge of becoming a video editor. In his short time as a video editor, Allen E commitment has paid off. Many of his edits have been recognized and supported by many in the DJ community such as DJ MisterE from The LA based, Mixing Lab and many others. Committed to rockin the decks and hottest videos, Allen E is poised for greatest . . . stay tuned.

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